Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Spain

One of the activities of this company is production consulting, supporting and executing in fishery fields and vessels and ships that are related to this areas. This company can serve customers in fishery namely executing in common projects and mutual cooperation with Iranian and foreign companies by utilizing thematic experts in different ways.

Generally customers and companies can use Kasra Fishery Division services or have some common projects for mutual cooperation .

In this division, serves the following services:

  • Consultation in different fishery subjects namely fishing and fishery.
  • Supplying fishing gear and fishing vessel equipment.
  • Installing electrical equipment and Vessel Monitoring Systems(V.M.S) on fishing vessels.
  • Buying or making fishing vessels in Iran or other countries.
  • Holding marine training and technical fishery and fishing courses.
  • Sell and purchasing, export and import different types of aquatics.